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Call for content


April '18


The LGBTQ Center at Brown University is seeking creative and scholarly submissions for the inaugural issue of the graduate journal Undone: A Legacy of Queer (Re)imaginings. In conjunction with the Center’s 2017-2018 Queer Legacy Series, the first issue, “Queering Across Borders,” takes up queer narratives and methods, particularly as they relate to the border, as it might be variously interpreted, and its crossing.


Undone is a multidisciplinary journal that publishes work from the sciences, humanities, social sciences as well as an interdisciplinary work that intermingles disciplinary approaches in provocative and generative ways. We are seeking academic essays from a broad range of fields in the humanities, social sciences, and STEM fields; as well as poetry, short fiction, visual art, comics, and filmic or audio pieces.

THIS ISSUE’S THEME: Queering Across Borders

Borders are real and imagined; visible and sensed; palpable and intangible. They seek to contain and define while simultaneously always revealing the unstable grounds of their construction. In this way, borders are always already queer--marking some bodies as Other, re-shaping communities, making some lives less livable.  Borders have always been fraught sites, the shifting contours of which are ever-present to those whose very survival is determined by the new form(s) they take. Under this current presidency, however, borders have (re)emerged as contested sites of mobility, existence, and belonging. Our public discourse now reduces the fluidity of borders to “the border”; to visions of the fortification of fences and the erection of walls. The border is discussed as a tactile place constructed as much from emotion as from the lived reality of legislative rulings.


The inaugural issue of Undone emerges from this present attempt to rigidly define “the border” to think about borders more broadly as zones of disciplinary control as well as loci of radical potential. This issue explores borders as sites of negotiation, interrogation, liminality, belonging, and transformation. While we understand borders as having a potentially queering effect on that which it seeks to define and/or contain, we seek work--written, visual, and sonic--that centers queer lives and narratives in addition to what it means “to queer” boundaries.

Some of the topics that this issue seeks to address include, but are not limited to:

Transnationality                                                             Body Boundaries

Access to Health Care                                                 Substance Use

Immigration/Migration                                                 Historical periods

Refugees                                                                         Chronic Disease

Globalization                                                                   The posthuman

Diaspora                                                                          Dating Applications

Infectious Diseases                                                        Human/Animal

Therapy                                                                             Life/Death

Lines of Consent                                                             Temporality

Homeland                                                                         Practitioner Interactions

Sovereignty                                                                      Becoming and Emergence

Indigeneity                                                                        Resilience

Aging                                                                                  Trans Experience

Radical Love                                                                      Racialization

Sex Work                                                                           (Im)mobility

Desire                                                                                 Disability

Intersectionality                                                                Cybernetics

Popular Culture                                                                Multilingualism



Academic Essays & Longform Non-Fiction Submissions*

  • Abstracts (150-250 words) due Friday, May4th, 2018 to undonesubmissions@gmail.com.

  • Full papers of selected academic essays due by June 15th, 2018.  

  • Notified of acceptance or revise and resubmit by June 29th.


Book Reviews and Interviews*

  • Proposals  are due by Friday, May4th, 2018 to undonesubmissions@gmail.com.

  • Full submissions are due by June 15th, 2018.  

  • Notified of acceptance by June 29th.


Visual Art, Audio, New Media, Fiction, Poetry, and Comics Submissions*


*More guidelines on submission requirements, style and formatting can be found here.

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Louise Erdrich